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The heart of Global Fibre8 Limited (GF8) is with affordable housing for families and community development. Foundational examples of community contributions include establishing Scholarship Programs, Vocational Training Centres and Medical Facilities. As a result of this passion the company motto “Giving is Gifting” is foundational to all Global Fibre8’s activities and direction. This commitment is consistent with the generous business returns to partners and suppliers affiliated with the company.

Global Fibre8 About Us

The Product Inventor and Directors of Global Fibre8 are represented in the stars within the company logo and aim to provide a non-conventional giving process within the building and construction industries through business and property development.

As a team of experienced professionals, Global Fibre8 are committed to providing high quality building products and services at affordable prices. Affordability, practicality and durability are key factors driving product development, distribution and installation.

Collaborating with leading organisations to certify, test, manufacture and distribute all products is crucial to Global Fibre8’s high level of service. Some of these organisations include, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), SAI Global and Visy Logistics. CSIRO is Australia's national science agency, which has provided testing for key elements of the integrity of the K3T Wall System.

Renowned for information services, solutions, ethics and compliances, SAI Global (ASX: SAI) is a key facilitator working with Global Fibre8 on processes, audits and applications for CodeMark. International distribution of the K3T Wall System is provided by Visy Logistics, prominent, a leading international sea freight forwarder in the logistics industry.

The first of many products to be released by Global Fibre8 is the K3T Wall System. The composition is an innovative blend of materials fused together as a prefabricated wall panel for both internal and external walls. Global Fibre8 is committed to ongoing research and development as a cornerstone of its business plan. Academic applications for research will also be considered.

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K3T Wall System can be used to construct residential and commercial buildings, it is highly durable and has met the Australian fire integrity test, it is strong and suitable for all climate areas. It is light in weight, waterproof and maintenance free.

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