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  • Global Fibre8 Presents K3T Wall System
    Practical, Durable and Affordable
  • Non Conventional Wall System
  • flexible enough to withstand the harsh weather
  • Tested, Audited and Confirmed

    High quality finish

    Maintenance free

    Easy installation

    Reduction in Costs

    Resistant to Fire, Moisture, Termite...

  • “Giving is Gifting” is foundational to
    Global Fibre8’s activities and direction

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Global Fibre8 Limited is an international supplier of K3T Building Products.

The K3T Wall System is a non-conventional internal and external wall panel system which has been scientifically tested by experts such as the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Features include time saving, resistance to fire, moisture, earthquake, cyclone, termites and other harsh environmental conditions. Further product details can be found here or contact us.

Launched in 2014, the K3T Wall System has received certification under the CodeMark Scheme. This certification scheme for Australia and New Zealand is one of the highest testing in the world and this sets the system apart from other products and systems. CodeMark Certification for the K3T Wall means a guaranteed acceptance by the regulatory bodies and demonstrates alignment with mandatory compliance requirements.

K3T Wall SystemFeatures

  • Certificate of Conformity Other systems are only assessed on a couple of areas unlike the K3T Wall System, which is fully certified.
  • Unique Technology The K3T System is a non-conventional external and internal wall system for residential and commercial use.
  • Reduction of cost Through construction time saving, less trade and less materials.
  • Potential Use Includes wall and fence systems, boundary and retaining walls, acoustic and sound exteriors