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The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform users of (the “Site”) know when personal and other information is collected and what we do with it. We do not use, share or transfer personal information except as set out in this policy. The Site is operated by Global Fibre8 Limited (GF8).

Collection, storage and use of personal information

No need to disclose personal information

The Site can be viewed and its web feeds can be subscribed to without the need to disclose any personal information to us.

Your disclosure of personal information

You may decide to disclose personal information by providing identifying information within the search terms you enter into the Site when carrying out searches (for example, you might conduct a search on your name and address).

Holding of information

Personal information that you provide within your search terms (if any) will be held by GF8. Such information may also be held by Google Inc because the Site uses a portion of the Google public index for its search functionality. Google’s use of such information is addressed in its Privacy Policy

Use of personal information

We will only use personal information provided to us, and usually only at an aggregated level, for the following purposes

  • to administer and evaluate this Site; and
  • to improve the organisation's services.

Sharing of personal information

We may share search terms entered into with other agencies in connection with our administering the Site and improving its functionality.

Statistical information and cookies

Statistical information

We may collect statistical information about your visit to help us analyse usage of, and improve, the Site. This information includes:

  • users' IP addresses;
  • users' search terms;
  • pages accessed on the Site;
  • links that are clicked on;
  • date and time of Site visits;
  • previous visited site;
  • users' operating systems; and
  • browsers used when accessing the Site.

This information is viewable by Site administrators and certain other GF8 staff.

Google may also collect some or all of this information when javascript is turned on in your Internet browser. This is due to the Site using a portion of the Google public index for its search functionality. Google’s use of such information is addressed in its Privacy Policy.


This Site generates both persistent and temporary cookies (files that a website transfers to your computer).

It generates persistent session cookies for the purpose of monitoring Site usage. The cookies do not collect personal information. You can disable them or clear them out of the web browser you are using to view this Site without affecting your ability to use the Site.

The Site generates temporary cookies to monitor site usage and to maintain site presentation for those who wish to use the Site’s high contrast view. They do not store any personal information and are deleted immediately when you close your browser.

If you prefer not to use cookies, you can still use the Site. To find out how to disable cookies, check the Help instructions in your web browser.

Records and disclosure statement

Public Records, Official Information and Parliament

Personal and other information disclosed to us on or via the Site may constitute public records and be retained to the extent required by the Public Records Act 2005. We may also be required to disclose such information under the Official Information Act 1982 or to a Parliamentary Select Committee or Parliament in response to a Parliamentary Question.

Rights of access and correction

Your rights

You have the right to access and to request correction of any of your personal information provided to us in connection with your use of this Site. If you would like to see the personal information relating to you that we have stored, or to request correction of such personal information, or if you have any concerns regarding your privacy, please email us at the address below and we will provide a mailing address for further documentation. We may require proof of your identity before being able to provide you with any personal information.

The Privacy Officer
Global Fibre8 Limited

Privacy Commissioner

If you are not satisfied with our response to any privacy-related concern you may have, you can contact the Privacy Commissioner:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner
PO Box 10-094
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: +64-4-474 7590
Enquiries Line (from Auckland): 302 8655
Enquiries Line (from outside Auckland): 0800 803 909
Fax: +64-4-474 7595