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K3T Wall System

Global Fibre8 Limited offers a certified non-conventional wall system called the K3T Wall System. The K3T Wall System is one of many products to be released by Global Fibre8 Limited. As a pre-frabricated panel it can be customised to each building project and has been scientifically tested to international standards. Further information is available from our team and for details about testing please refer here.

K3T Wall System can be used to construct residential and commercial buildings. The panels have passed the Australian fire integrity test, and are highly durable making it suitable for all climates. Unique characteristics include light in weight, waterproof and maintenance free. Cost savings through the use of this system compared to others include not requiring extra trades and materials to complete a build. Our earlier research indicated a very high demand for this type of product worldwide.

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K3T Wall System can be used to construct residential and commercial buildings, it is highly durable and has met the Australian fire integrity test, it is strong and suitable for all climate areas. It is light in weight, waterproof and maintenance free.

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K3T Wall SystemKey Features

Key Features
  • Resistant To: Fire, moisture, earthquake, termites, cyclone and harsh weather
  • Environment Friendly: No asbestos, no formaldehyde, no plastimagen, no waste on construction site. Adaptable and flexible for all climates and extra installation.
  • Cost Effective: It can reduce cost through construction time saving, less trades and less materials. No delays waiting for trades and skilled labour. Reduced handling costs and the number of work tools needed due to innovative system.
  • Easy Installation: Stylish and cost effective. Scientifically tested at international standards. Customised sizing, lightweight yet durable and load bearing due to composition. High quality finish for internal and external walls.